Ice Caves

Ice Creations Ice Kingdoms (Est 1998)

Ice Creations are very proud to be creators of the worlds first snow cave, placed inside a freezer. Celsius Bar based in the centre of Bath, required a solution to the problem of installing an ice lounge. Inside what was in effect an underground cave, complete with a curved tunnel ceiling and limited space of 4m x 9m.

The ice room / snow cave contains a real ice bar, ice seating, ice poseur tables an ice luge and two sculptures. The ice room also comes complete with:

  • Snow effect walls

  • Fitted ice effect panels to the walls backlit in blue

  • A real ice bar, 2x sculptures, 1x ice luge, 2x ice seating, 2x poseur tables

  • Ambient inside temperature of minus 7 degrees Celsius

The big advantage of a snow cave over that of a full ice lounge is that the walls will never need replacing, which reduces the maintenance costs of this type of facility dramatically.