Sorry, you do what?

So I was watching a Youtube blogger who my 7 year old son follows yesterday describing how people he met found it incredulous that he could make a living from simply talking about his life. I have a similar problem in that people I meet can't pigeon hole me, upon describing what I do will almost always respond with 'Sorry, you do what?' and 'Can you make a living out of that?' and then 'How did you get into that? in exactly that order. .I'm with the Youtube guy with a few video editing skills who frankly I found interesting although he was simply on a shopping trip with his wife and kids.

But Questions are good- it makes things interesting.

Back in 1997 when I started getting really excited about the possibility of creating ice sculpture for real, things were different - we didn't have a CNC robot to cut out perfect logos, we didn't have the capacity to produce 6 tonnes of pure carving ice per week or the ability to ship in tonnes more at short notice if we needed it, we didn't have 4 in house ice carvers with the ability to fly in other talent at short notice, we hadn't won any ice carving awards and we'd never built an Ice Kingdom. Yet things were as fun and as incredibly exciting as they are now.

It's still a rush to make a deadline, make some funky ice sculpture and it's still thrilling to find new ways of using ice to make a new market such as team building, live ice carving or having the military phone you up and ask for a 20 tonne block that they can fire tank shells at to just see what happens (sorry M16 if I wasn't supposed to mention that one), having a TV crew turn up on site to see how we do it or being invited onto Britain's got Talent. Taking part in Shipping wars was a thrill but then so was having a snowball fight on a blistering hot day summer 2016 with snow from the freezer- thanks Dan for cracking the vans windscreen!

Nothing has really changed- yes the standard has increased, business is good - yes the variety of the things we can make in ice has improved and with every event we are asked to tip up to, yes questions are asked by the crowd that are there - ice has that magic- it's engaging and it makes people curious- it shouldn't be there in a room at 20 degrees Celsius and it certainly shouldn't normally be there in the shape of a corporate logo for a corporate client or in the shape of a heart at a wedding.

Like the blogger, ice is unusual and where we're told things constantly need to change it's reassuring to know that one of the oldest mediums of all still holds a fascination unrivalled.

Long may the questions come!

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