Does Ice sculpture really make a difference at a wedding?

A Wedding- you need a bride (although believe it or not I’ve actually spoken to a bride at a Wedding Fair who was yet to find a groom – yes these people exist!) a cake, a car a dress, a venue, a ring or two, some food and a bit of entertainment but do you really need an Ice Sculpture?

Of course the answer is no.. but on the other hand you are hopefully going to get married only once in short it is a special day and it will be remembered for all sorts of reasons, the weather, the speech, how beautiful the bride looks and Uncle Harry from New Zealand doing the Haka after a few drinks whilst frightened children scatter and burst into tears.

There are however possibilities that an ice sculpture will be part of the whole day and not just something to stand there and look pretty although to be honest- ice sculpture on it’s own will be a talking point – it’ll break the ice so to speak with guests and children will just want to touch it, in the photographs the crystal clear ice will shimmer and of course it will look beautiful in the wedding pictures.

Making Ice Sculpture part of the day..

The Table Plan As the guests will need to know where to sit you’re going to need a table plan and a table plan frozen inside crystal clear ice will achieve this with style. Flowers can be frozen alongside the plan within the ice or even a photo of the happy couple. I know of one couple who had the plan framed after it melted out of the ice and hung it in their house to remember who had been there. You can see examples of Ice Table Plans here

The Point of Proposal Every wedding has a story- there are stories swapped by guests and relatives who haven’t seen each other for years and who are themselves part of the story of the day. The story of the day began with the meeting of the happy couple along with it’s location and I’m often asked to supply a sculpture that means something to them personally. The Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building spring to mind although we’ve also made an Austin A40, a garden shed? and a bus to recapture the moment at the wedding. You can see examples of anything that can be made to fit a theme here

The Table Centre It could be flowers, or a candle, or a vase with a flower or a candle or a bottle holder. Ice sculpture can be made into a vase to hold your flowers, or it can indeed hold a flower frozen within the centre of the ice, it can have a hole drilled to the centre to hold a wine bottle of it can have a picture frozen within the centre to show which table is which and who is sitting where. Yes they will melt but over a long period of time and certainly last long enough to last for the time the tables are available- usually 6 hours. For examples of Ice Table Centres please see here

The Vodka Luge The Guests are going to want something to do come the evening and a great passtime of weddings just happens to be the tradition of consuming alcohol in all it’s glorious tasty forms. Now many ice sculptures by themselves are beautiful but a statue is a statue and once you’ve seen it and had your picture taken trying to get your tongue off of it (yes it’s still done) then it just melts into the background (pardon the pun). A vodka luge is so much more – it is quite simply an ice sculpture with a hole drilled through it so that vodka or any spirit can be poured through the ice and captured at the lower end either in a glass or in the mouth. It will be a big crowd please and the source of even more stories . To see examples of vodka luges please see here

Live Wedding Ice Carving Entertainment comes in many forms and sometimes it’s us as ice carvers- Ice Carvings can be created just as well in front of a crowd as they can in a frozen studio. As a crowd pleaser the difference between seeing an ice sculpture created and having one delivered is something like the difference between seeing a photo and watching a video- the video will always hold the attention for longer. Live carvings in my experience are usually to entertain the guests and give them something to watch whilst any change over of rooms occurs or if there is to be some time before the bride and groom are expected to arrive. Booking in advance is advised since live carvings are labour intensive and usually involved planning but saying that I did one last week in Bristol for a Sikh wedding that was booked only the day before- mmm spontaneous! . For examples of live carving please see here

The Buffet Table Part of the wedding is the food- masses of rich delicacies and some of which needs to be kept cold such as hams, seafood and sushi. Trays made of ice are beautiful in themselves but once mixed with the vibrant colours of the food and garnish the really can be a spectacular centrepiece. For examples of Ice Sculpture buffet displays please see here

Of course the day of a marriage will be remembered for many different reasons- adding ice sculpture in whatever form will undoubtedly attract conversation, pictures and show that this is one unusual and special day.

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