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Team Building

For Quick Contact just email me direct listing the theme of your event, the date and location and I can send over pictures to match along with prices and full details.

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Team building events are first and foremost a fantastic ice breaker. Within a 90 minute session perfect strangers will be laughing and joking like old friends. We know, we have seen it happen!

The event begins with a safety briefing and instruction on how to use the tools and safety equipment provided. A carving demonstration will thereafter commence, after about 10 minutes the allotted teams will be free to start carving themselves. The ice team build event is fast paced, fun and often provides some surprising results!

If we can assist by creating a team building event for you, Get in touch for a chat via our contact page.

We're more than happy to taylor the ice team building event to your needs- get in touch and lets chat.


Team Building We come to You!

Here at Ice Creations, we just love the interactivity and energy of our ice sculpture team build event. We generally arrive on site a couple of hours before the event is due to start and add a waterproof membrane to the floor before we add the tools and finally the ice for the event. We're able to cater for all team sizes from 10 to 200 with individual groups within the team being 2 -4 per block of ice. 

It's often the case that the teams are allowed to use their imagination and come up with designs entirely by themselves although we'll offer advice about what works best and we'll further guide the teams about how to actually carve their own designs. All you need is a suitably sized room with tables within and your team - we do everything else!

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