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Birthday Vodka Luges

For Quick Contact just email me direct listing the theme of your event, the date and location and I can send over pictures to match along with prices and full details.

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There are many themes and ideas that can fit into the perfect Birthday Party and here are just a few examples of vodka luges we have carved for clients both old and recent.

Also Delivery is FREE throughout England or Wales.


Ice luges / vodka luges are a massive party draw, just about any sculpture on this site can be transformed into a vodka ice luge if required. Ice luges can be created to fit your party theme, be it a wedding reception, Christmas party, birthday, product launch or any other theme. 


Take a look at the ice luge / vodka luge gallery below to get some ideas, or do you have a unique idea in mind? If so our bespoke ice carving team can make your unique idea a reality.

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Birthday Ice Sculpture Design..

Design: Most Birthday ice sculptures will be 100cm x 50cm since this is the size of the ice blocks we use to create all of our ice sculptures. Should we need to make anything larger then we simply use more ice blocks although we can pretty much get ice most logo or product designs into a single ice block.

When designing the ice sculptures we take into account how the sculpture will melt over the time that it's on display (usually around 6 hours) although the sculptures of your logo or product won't melt entirely during this time. 

We totally welcome designs submitted by clients, even the roughest of sketches is enough to let us know what you're looking for which will allow our designer to create an ice sculpture to perfectly match the theme of your corporate event.

Birthday Vodka Ice Luge Ideas

Numbers are without doubt the most popular request for a birthday vodka luge although we've carved many different designs to fit in with the many themes that a Birthday may have. We've carved male and female torsos, names with numbers, 007 Bond themed ice luges, shoes, football team ice logos and animals to fit in with the theme of the day.


Check out the gallery below to take a look at some of the fantastic requests we've had before which might give you some ideas or just send me an email and I can send over some ideas to make your event truly spectacular!


Email Now For Fast Advice, Pictures and a Quote 



We also supply accessories such as Bottles of Absolut Vodka, Ice Shot Glasses, Crushed or Cubed Ice and LED coloured Lighting.

So everything to make your party GREAT!

Click on any image below to find out more.


Ice Cubes supplied in 12kg boxes ready for use at the bar.


Absolut Vodka supplied chilled on delivery ready to serve.


Crushed Ice supplied in 12kg boxes ready for use at the bar.


Ice Shot glasses available in boxes of 50 


White lighting is provided FREE with all ice sculptures but if you need colour...

Working with YOU!

We've been working with some fabulous companies over the past few years - here are just a few that have asked us to create something fabulous in ice and share some memories.

Please get in touch if we can add something magical to one of your events.


Hey but don't take our word for it- the biggest and greatest guide we have as to how we're doing is our feedback - check out our social media links also - we love to chat and update regularly on Instagram.

Hi Alan
Many thanks for supplying the luge for Saturday - it was an absolutely superb feature and saw some massive action on the vodka/rum punch/wine/beer (in fact by the end - just about anything was going down it!!).

I've given your details to a few of the guests who asked, so you may see some enquiries coming your way from the Welwyn area!!

Anyway - big thanks again and hope business thrives in this hot weather.  




15th July 2013

Hi Alan,

You did it again, another fantastic ice sculpture.

It fitted so well in to the Hollywood/Oscar themed party – everyone loved it.

I am already starting to think about next year’s party and i have some thoughts about something a bit different with the ice, i won’t hesitate in calling on you again – you and your team are fantastic.



7th Dec 2013

Hi Alan,

Just wanted to say thanks for the ice sculpture it went down a treat.

Thanks again,



December 2018