Ice Creations Corporate Ice Sculptures - Est 1998

Ice sculptures grab the attention of the public like no other medium, their fragility and beauty is unmatched. What a way to display a new product or logo. If you put this much thought into your event you are guaranteed to have your target audience talking about the display. With the added bonus of people sharing images of the carved ice sculpture with their colleagues and friends.

Ice Creations have CNC robot technology, enabling us to reproduce any logo perfectly in ice. Thus giving our clients the opportunity to deploy detailed and intricate ice displays that will captivate your chosen audience.

Our ice sculptures will attract the public where other mediums will struggle to gain genuine interest. Especially at exhibitions where ice displays are proven to increase footfall, engagement and sales results.

We can freeze items within the ice, reproduce perfect logos or create interactive ice sculptures such as ice melt competitions or chip away the ice to reveal a gift or prize.

Corporate Reproduction Logo Examples of What Is Possible