Ice Bars

For the ultimate statement an ice bar at your event will provide some amazing WOW moments. An ice bar can contain a logo or message within the design or can include objects or flowers within the ice. Ice luges, ice sculptures or vases of ice containing flowers or displays can be placed on top of the bar.

Bottle holders can be cut into the rear of the supports to hold and chill bottles. Since the ice is clear, these will be seen from the front. Ice bars are made at our ice factory before being taken apart, mapped, protected in a double layer of bubble wrap and stored ready for the trip to your event where they are reassembled.

Ice Creations deliver to any event in England or Wales for the same price be it in Carlisle, Plymouth, Dover or Cheltenham. Have a look and  see what we’re up to this week, click on the Instagram link above, we love to be social. If we can assist you by building a  ice bar please get in touch via our contact page.