Ice Creations Vodka Luge - Est 1998

A vodka luge or ice luge is a piece of ice, carved into the shape required to make a ice luge sculpture. The ice sculpture is then drilled, so that shots of vodka or spirit can be poured through from the top and then caught by glass or mouth at the exit point.


Ice luges / vodka luges are a massive party draw, just about any sculpture on this site can be transformed into a vodka ice luge if required. Ice luges can be created to fit your party theme, be it a wedding reception, Christmas party, birthday, product launch or any other theme. 


Take a look at the ice luge / vodka luge gallery below to get some ideas, or do you have a unique idea in mind? If so our bespoke ice carving team can make your unique idea a reality.

"We'll Carve anything of the same size for the same price, to your design or ours"

Christmas Themed Vodka  Luge Ideas