Alien Artefact Logo, makers of tree root coffee tables.
Our first oak root coffee table with 10mm glass which sold to a coupke in Surrey.
Top View of large tree root coffee table

We are so excited to launch the brand Alien Artefact under which we will be creating tree root coffee tables, furniture and lamps. Already we have a clients in Europe, Africa and of course here in the UK.

Our tree root coffee tables (also called tree stump coffee tables) are timeless, eco friendly using roots from already felled trees and generally created using oak roots (although we also use Yew and Teak) sourced right here in the UK. The roots themselves will usually be around 250 years old or more and once water blasted, sliced and fitted with glass, will provide a stunning, statement centrepiece and a massive talking point for any home.

Our tables are generally larger than those found on the general mass market so if you have a size of glass in mind, please get in touch and we'd be happy to advise and source a root for your table needs. We can do large oversized or outsized dining or coffee tables. 

We do of course hold stock items - just email or phone for details and I'll send details of what we have currently available right back to you.

Oak tree root coffee table

So Why Are We Making Tree Root Tables?

It's fun of course but as artists creating art, we just love creating something new.

It all started with my lounge and my large U-shaped leather sofas - seen here in the picture to the left.

I needed something big, I needed a statement coffee table! 

I'd always fancied a tree root coffee table and since we had the slicing equipment used for creating perfectly flat ice blocks for carving, it was just a case of adapting that for use in turning a tree root from an angry alien-looking piece of root, into something aesthetic that would accept a piece of glass placed on the top.

The result was spectacular and created a centerpiece for my room that became a real wow factor talking point for any guests. It also sold, which meant I needed another table, then another and then another.

So How Do We Make Tree Root Tables?

The roots generally arrive with us looking like something that has just been dug up out of the ground, even though often, they've been sat in a field or a yard for 80 years or more. This can often mean they are partially rotted.

Firstly the root is loaded onto a pallet and blasted from every angle, top, bottom, sides - with a 4000psi pressure washer. This clears off any mud, moss and external bugs. This wash also brings out the deep grain effect we achieve due to the seriously high pressure of water we use.

The root is then dried for a period of time before being sliced top and bottom.

At this time we water blast it again, dry it, apply bug treatment, inspect it, add feet, and it's ready to go. Well that's the quick story.

Water blasted oak tree root
Contours of the wood shown in an oak tree root coffee table

So What Makes My Tree Root Tables Different?

The beauty of tree roots, in general, captivates me and in order to have one in my home, I wanted to know that it would be a piece that would not only look the part, but last the part. I wanted it to be in someone's home in 300 years.

The glass for example is 10mm thick, toughened, and looks like it matches the solid tree root base that supports it. Everything is in proportion.

The sourced tree roots I use are generally English or Welsh Oak which differs in looks from the imported teak from India and Malaysia. It has a completely different, deeper golden brown appearance, and once water blasted it reveals its grain MUCH more deeply. This will add shadows and intrigue in different lights.

This art is part of my legacy.

So How Do You Find Us?

Alien Artefact

Chapel Farm Industrial Estate


South Wales


Call Alan +0044 (0)7956387291

Instagram Link

So Onto The Gallery!

Oak Tree Root Coffee Table
Candle Holder 43cm wide
Large oak tree root coffee table
Oak Tree root coffee table with 10mm thick toughened glass
Tree root coffee table underside.
Silced oak root coffee table
Oak tiered side table.
Original Oak Root Lamp
Tree Root LED lamp
Tree Root Faces
Tree Root Coffee Table
Tree Root Coffee Table
Large Tree Root Coffee Table
Giant Oak Tree Root
Oak Tree Root